Out of the mud and muck the lotus emerges... blooming clean and new, symbolic of purity, serenity and beauty. A rebirth. One of nature’s delightful gifts.

- JodyMarie

Our cells are in a perpetual state of renewal and although our lifestyle, thinking, fad diets, and the elements can be harsh slowing down and stagnating this process... There is much we can do!

I offer guidance to direct you to tap into the deepest connection of yourself and the world around you for a happier, healthier, sexier quality of life.



I am an Ayurvedic Wellness Coach focused on  feminine form of healing for women and men with one on one healthy living modalities.

Ayurveda addresses the basic human needs: FOOD, SLEEP, SEX. 


I offer relatable one to one ayurvedic based counseling sessions, yoga classes, group programs, healing workshops ,retreats , ayurvedic and sustainable retail products and referrals.

Ayurveda is the mother of all yoga. I guide you home with yoga practices,nutrition, body yantras..all things ayurveda.  Be  at home in your body.


The formal bio of JodyMarie Ostrout

JodyMarie has been studying yoga and many holistic modalities in the wellness world formally since 1996; Certified in 1998 in aromatherapy from the Ohio Academy of Holistic Healing. Since then, she recommends & distributes only the purest essential oils and related products. She teaches safe essential oil use, applications, and aromatherapy 101 workshops. She earned an Ohio Esthetician license from National Beauty College in Canton, Ohio in 2001 where she then went on to study and become certified in the Ayurvedic Shirodhara technique, herbal wraps and relaxation massage. She is certified in permanent cosmetics. To learn even more about the skin and circulatory system, she also went on to study and graduate from a 400 hour Phlebotomy training course from Canton City Schools Adult Education Program in 2004. She has studied trichology and many basic scalp health and hair care techniques for healthy hair and specifically lunar hair care and trimmings. After all, our hair is our crowning glory.

JodyMarie is a registered Yoga Teacher for 200 hrs; she took her first yoga teacher training in 1996 and continued throughout the years and forever. She currently has well over 1000 hours of yoga related teacher training certifications from R-YT schools including pre/post natal, alignment and anatomy for yoga teachers, senior yoga, children’s yoga, hatha / integral yoga, kundalini, shakti yoga, vinyasa flow, mantras, vedic astrology, meditations; in the live classroom she has 24 years and countless hours of leading classes in a variety of yoga techniques and therapies. 

She ran a private small business, a quaint yoga studio for 3 years, A Canton Yoga Studio, where she did Ayurveda therapies, private personal and small group yoga classes, and retail. She has studied extensively and is skilled in Emotional Brain Training. She is an Ayurvedic Wellness Coach through the Shakti School where she discovered and is skilled in 'Body Yantra' shakti yoga,  tantric, shamantic mystical practices and healing modalities. She teaches her unique classes/offerings of Yoga and Ayurveda through 1-1 coaching, group programs/classes, workshops, and retreats.